Welcome To The Christian World!
My best friend just gave birth last month and had her baby baptized last week. Prior to the baptism, I bought her baby something that would last until he turns 2 years old. So I bought him a kids Bomber jacket, but it was really big. Like 5 sizes bigger than his body, but I intentionally did that so he could wear it for many months. My best friend was so happy to know I bought a kids Bomber jacket because she totally forgot to put in her baby's checklist. Now that baby has something cool to look forward to.

Nina Ong

A Pilot In The Making
My nephew loves planes and has for the longest time. I don't recall seeing him without a toy plane, a pilot cap, and a shirt with an airplane print. Now he's 16 and still hasn't gone over this obsession. I bought him a boys Bomber jacket, and he went nuts thanking me the whole day. Okay, maybe I do like the dude, he's adorable and nice to every one. So I went ahead and bought another, this time it was white. He looks cool and wears it to school everyday. Can't wait to see him fly his very own plane!

Aunt Jessie

Not Just For Boys...
I'm a 12 year old girl who loves boys' jackets. But not as much as I love my boys Bomber jacket. For real, it's so comfortable, easy to use and maintain. You just wipe it with a clean and dry cloth, and it will look new again. My parents keep telling me to wear girl's clothes, but for some reason they like the boys Bomber jacket I bought. They say I don't look too scrappy in it. This jacket's brought peace into our home. And as long as I have it near, no one's gonna nag about my fashion sense.

Lucy Margarette Mendez

We're The Greatest Parents Ever!
My son's been giving clues on what to get him for his birthday. We always thought it would be a new toy or PS2. But we were surprised when he blurted out that he wants a boys Bomber jacket. What? Not a toy? So my wife and I went online and saw on, jackets for his age. We also saw finds we knew would psyche him out. We ordered two and the moment they arrived, he screamed you're the greatest parents ever! Two Bombers! It was more than a thank you; it was all we needed as response.

Mr. and Mrs. Geners

My Very First Purchase
I'm only 12 years old but I'm really good at saving my money. So when I finally reached 600 dollars, I asked my dad to buy me a boys Bomber jacket. I saw it on TV being worn by those rich guys and it thought buying one would give me that feel. When I finally got mine, I'm pretty sure I looked the part. And I'm also sure the girls dig me more in school. Never taking this off! My very first buy...and it's an actual boys Bomber jacket. How cool is that?
Minor Schminor